• Something you may have misunderstanding in robotframework

    There are many RobotFramework users, with huge amount of libraries, keywords, resources and test suites. But I guess there should be something you misunderstand of this framework. I listed some of them here, and if you have others, that should be very helpful if you post them in the comment.

  • Stop RobotFramework in a monitor thread

    There is a common scenario in a TA solution, during the execution of a series of cases, there is a backend monitoring job that check some error logs or specified events of the system, when it detects some critical errors, it will stop the whole TA execution.

  • Do static analysis on RobotFramework cases

    As we know, “static analysis” is valuable and important in developing work. Many genious tools like lint, klocwork, pyflakes and jshint help the developer to find the problems earlier.

  • Generate RobotFramework sub-suite log during large suite execution

    RobotFramework is an great Test Automation Framework, it has good flexbility and extensibility. But logging mechinisam is not very good, especially when you execute a large suite that contain hundreds of sub suites, you cannot view the executed suite log before the whole one finished.

  • 在windows平台上安装gevent和gevent-socketio的简单方法

    很久没有在windows平台工作了, 最近写的一个小工具要部署到windows平台上, 而我在代码里面使用了gevent和gevent-socketio. 这下问题来了.

  • How to reset all iptables rules configured

    If you ask somebody how to reset all iptables rules configured, he or she may answer you in 3 seconds. The answer may be:

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